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Cybergun AK-47 tactical version

Welcome to Airsoft World

Airsoft world is about Airsoft. This website has reviews, company info, and basic Airsoft knowledge. We currently have lots of Airsoft pages on our website.


This Airsoft wiki has lots of info including:

Airsoft gun reviews

Airsoft laws

Airsoft Games

Airsoft 101

Airsoft companies

and much much more

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Umarex H&K MP5N
    edited by Robinmh diff
  • edit Cyma
    edited by Robinmh diff
    Edited the section: assault rifles
  • new page JG HK416
    created by Robinmh
    New page: JG HK416 is a airsoft assault rifle macnufactured by JG. Contents[show] SummaryEdit The JG hk416 is a assault rifle ReviewEdit The packaging was...
    Summary: Added everything
    Added photos:
  • edit REVIEWS
    edited by Robinmh diff
  • edit Companies
    edited by Robinmh diff
  • new page Cyma
    created by Robinmh
    New page: Cyma is a airsoft company, originated in china Contents[show] productsEdit assault riflesEdit AK AIMS 3700 (CM-050) AK AIMS PMC (CM-050A) AK...
  • edit Companies
    edited by Robinmh diff
    Summary: Added country of origins
  • edit Umarex H&K MP5N
    edited by A Fandom user diff
  • edit ATP
    edited by Tahu88 diff
  • new page G&G Xtreme 1911
    created by Tahu88
    New page: The G&G Xtreme 1911 is a Co2 powered GBB with a 16 round mag. It has an incredibly high fps when compared to most other GBBs shooting in the 450-5
    Added photo:

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